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BrightRock Gold Corporation Announces the First-of-its-Kind Discovery of a Significant Spodumene Deposit at its Midnight Owl Location near Wickenburg, Arizona Using SpecTir Hyperspectral Data

GURNEE, IL / ACCESSWIRE / August 22, 2023 / BrightRock Gold Corp. (OTC Pink:BRGC) is pleased to announce the interpretation of imaging data collected by SpecTIR, LLC. The engagement of SpecTIR, LLC, has resulted in the production of a groundbreaking and first-of-its-kind discovery of a significant spodumene deposit at BrightRock’s Midnight Owl Property near Wickenburg, Arizona, utilizing a long-wave infrared (LWIR) hyperspectral survey. This ground-breaking process has paved a new avenue for the exploration of hard-rock lithium resources. This is the very first time that spodumene-grade lithium has been directly detected in a commercial airborne survey. The hyperspectral imaging data collection was executed at a resolution of around 3 feet (1 meter), adhering to military-grade standards.

Midnight Owl is a lithium pegmatite exploration project located in the White Picacho Pegmatite District near Wickenburg, Arizona. The project is situated in a favorable location due to its mining history. Additionally, the project site is approximately 170 miles away from three lithium battery gigafactories. BrightRock owns 100% of the property, spanning 5005 acres, or 243 lode claims.

Summary of Results

SpecTIR has made a ground-breaking discovery of lithium-bearing pegmatites with their Long Wave Infra-Red (LWIR) Aerial Fixed Wing Survey. This study marks their first successful detection by SpecTIR of in-situ spodumene, the key lithium ore mineral. Spodumene can only be detected with a well-calibrated LWIR instrument, such as the Specim AISA OWL used in this study. As far as it is known, SpecTIR is the only company in the world to offer this unique and powerful tool for in-situ spodumene detection. Previously, SpecTIR has detected spodumene over disturbed ground, but now, with the Midnight Owl flight, undisturbed in-situ spodumene has been mapped from the air. This discovery is the first of its kind, opening a new frontier for the exploration of hard-rock lithium deposits.

Figure 1 displays the SpecTIR mineral mapping covering BrightRock’s existing and expanded claims for the Midnight Owl Project.

Figure 1: Midnight Owl Project SpecTIR LWIR Mineral Mapping.

Figure 2 is a subset of the SpecTIR LWIR mapping, focusing on the primary spodumene area.

Figure 2SpecTIR LWIR mineral mapping focused on the spodumene area.

Also mapped are a set of pegmatites to the east, where claims were recently expanded, and in the far south of the survey, coincident with the main NE trend. Of the 40 Expanded Phase 4 Parcels only 9 were covered under this LWIR Survey. Balance 31 parcels towards east will be done in the future. The initial results are consistent with field tests of lithium concentrations in pegmatite swarms conducted by BrightRock. This landmark survey provides strong evidence that airborne hyperspectral surveys using LWIR technology can provide a valuable tool for the initial characterization of potential lithium-bearing pegmatites.

Paul Linton, P.GEOof Sierra Spectral, is a consulting spectral geologist for SpecTIR LLC. Paul is recognized globally as a leading spectral geologist with a specialization in thermal (LWIR) hyperspectral mineral interpretation. Paul is the expert who analyzed the LWIR data produced by SpecTIR for BrightRock Gold and had the following comments:

“I’ve been working in the spectral mineralogy field since 1992 and extensively with airborne hyperspectral data. The SpecTir airborne hyperspectral LWIR (long-wave infrared) results generated in the Picacho district are among the most exciting that I have been involved with, with direct detection of spodumene (the main lithium-bearing mineral in the district) from the data. Spodumene has been mapped across an extensive portion of the district, especially within Brightrock’s claims, and the morphology supports a structural control on pegmatite emplacement that, if confirmed, will be of use for locating buried bodies of Lithium. To my knowledge, this is the first time that spodumene has been directly detected in a commercial airborne survey and suggests that these pegmatites contain a very high proportion of spodumene and thus potentially high lithium grades.”

Stantec will incorporate the LWIR results into their conceptual model shown in Figure 3, which was first presented in BrightRock’s August 8, 2023, news release (LINK HERE). SpecTIR’s hyperspectral mineral mapping results correlate well with Stantec’s current interpretations, which are based on aerial imagery. A field mapping and sampling plan is being developed by Stantec with the intent to validate the results of SpecTIR’s hyperspectral survey and further refine the conceptual geologic model. The conceptual model is being used to identify targets for exploration drilling and the eventual maiden lithium resource estimate.

Figure 3: Midnight Owl Conceptual Geological Model

Derek Loveday, P.GEO.,Stantec Manager Geologic Services, comments: “The results from the SpecTir airborne hyperspectral LWIR survey have now provided tangible exploration targets that can now be used to build a robust field mapping and sampling campaign.”

Mac J. Shahsavar, P. Eng Chairman and CEO of BRGC, comments: “Our team, with its ground-breaking and one-of-a-kind approach, has established a new procedure for the industry, pioneering a new and more accurate and dependable discovery of the presence of spodumene-grade lithium. This innovative approach eliminates the element of uncertainty on two fronts. First, it is important to ascertain whether or not the company’s property contains lithium but also if the deposit is of spodumene. Second, the mapping precisely depicts the size and boundary and extent of the Spodumene deposits, which removes any element of guesswork from the geologists’ work.

This Discovery potentially places BRGC as a leading candidate to provide long-term lithium to North American market. This study is a critical milestone for BRGC in removing any questions about the possible presence of major spodumene in its property at Midnight Owl. It also provides the foundation for future economic and exploratory initiatives that BRGC will take as it strives to aggressively move this asset on the path to production.”

About SpecTIR LLC.

SpecTIR LLC. is a privately owned small business that is preeminently qualified to design and integrate airborne hyperspectral (HS) systems, conduct HS mapping surveys, and offer a broad range of services related to remote sensing data processing and analysis. They are only company that performs combined hyperspectral data collection with the FENIX 1K- Visible-Near/Shortwave Infra-red (VSWIR) and OWL- Longwave Infra-red (LWIR) Systems coupled with high performance Stabilization and GPS/INS systems for Image navigation. These hyperspectral instruments are state-of-the-art and SpecTIR has further enhanced their performance by designing and integrating considerable upgrades over the past twenty years to the navigation systems and data processing software. SpecTIR’s unique capabilities demonstrate the highest level of performance obtainable from commercial airborne hyperspectral service providers.

About BrightRock Gold Corp.

BrightRock Gold Corp. is a lithium exploration company focused on developing its flagship project “Revival of the Midnight Owl Mine”. Previously known in historical records as the “Lithium King Mine,” it is located approximately 13 miles east of Wickenburg, Arizona. BrightRock Gold Corp. holds 100% ownership and interest in the “Midnight Owl Mine,” along with an adjoining 5005 acres, or 243 lode claims. A lithium pegmatite project strategically located within 170 miles of three billion-dollar gigafactories under current construction. The company is seeking to develop this portfolio of lithium-rich assets to become a major supplier of lithium-based products.

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