In short

Net Present Value:

$0.75 B

$12000/t LCE pricing. After-tax, 8% Discount rate

Resource Estimate:

3.1 Mt

LCE, Measured & Indicated





Lithium project:


Arkansas, USA

Project Summary

Net Present Value

$0.75 B

$12000/t LCE pricing. After-tax, 8% Discount rate

Resource Estimate

3.1 Mt

LCE, Measured & Indicated

Completed Stage:


Location: Arkansas, USA
Completed Stage: PEA
Next Stage: PFS
Deposit type: Brine DLE


Company description

By leveraging the existing infrastructure and operational expertise of the largest brine processing facilities in North America, Standard Lithium is leading a new wave of U.S. lithium production. Utilizing proprietary advanced processing technologies and strategic partnerships, the company believes new lithium production can be achieved quickly and more cost effectively.

The Company’s flagship project, the 150,000+ acre “Lanxess Project”, is located in the prolific and productive Smackover brine region of southern Arkansas. By securing access to the strategic resource through agreements with the region’s largest commercial brine operator, Standard Lithium plans to leverage the extensive existing infrastructure and permits, to fast-track the projects’ development timelines.

Key takeaways:

1. Strategic partner with speciality chemical company LANXESS AG

Under the proposed terms of the joint venture, LANXESS would contribute lithium extraction rights and grant access to its existing infrastructure to the joint venture, and Standard Lithium would contribute existing rights and leases held in the Smackover Formation and the pilot plant being developed on the Property, as well as its proprietary extraction processes including all relevant intellectual property rights. Upon proof of concept, LANXESS is prepared to provide funding to the joint venture to allow for commercial development of the future commercial project, and it is anticipated that the joint venture will include options for Standard Lithium to participate in project funding on similar terms.

2. Patented DLE technology

Proprietary “LiSTR” Direct Lithium Extraction Technology – faster, more efficient with higher recoveries than evaporation ponds.

Resources & Reserves



Project Economics

Initial capital costs


After-tax IRR


$12000/t LCE pricing, 8% Discount rate

Operating Cost





Of the Smackover project

Sensitivity Analysis - Forecasted Pricing

Forecasted LCE pricing After-tax NPV(8%) After-tax IRR
$0.56 B
$0.75 B *
$0.99 B

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Company financials


$12 M CAD

Sep 20, 2020

Cash & Cash eq

$3.2 M CAD

Sep 20, 2020
includes Assets up for sale