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Lake Resources holds projects located in the Lithium Triangle of Argentina, the prime location for low cost lithium production.

The company uses a DLE ion exchange process by Lilac Solutions, backed by Bill Gates-led energy fund.

Lake Resources in short

Net Present Value


$20,000/t LCE pricing. After-tax, 8% Discount rate

Resource Estimate

1 Mt LCE

Measured & Indicated




Project: Kachi Summary

Net Present Value

$2.78 B

$12000/t LCE pricing. After-tax, 8% Discount rate

Resource Estimate

1 Mt LCE

Measured & Indicated



Last released technical report

Brine profile



250 mg/l

Location: Lithium Triangle, Argentina
Completed Stage: PFS
Next Stage: Pilot plant, DFS



Company Description

“Lake’s flagship Kachi Project is located in Argentina’s Catamarca Province at the southern end of the Lithium Triangle, a world-renowned province responsible for 40% of global lithium production.

Using direct extraction technology provided by Lake’s technology partner, Lake plans to produce at Kachi a sustainable, high purity lithium carbonate product capable of attracting premium pricing from battery/cathode makers.”

Key takeaways:

1. DLE technology from Bill Gate sponsored Lilac Solutions

The company is using an ion exchange process developed by Lilac Solutions, backed by Bill Gates energy fund.

2. Low-impuritiy end product

The DLE results to date has shown a low-impurity, battery grade end product. 

3. Expansion potential

The project has an exploration target between 8-17Mt LCE, ranking it as one of the top 10 brine resources in the world.

Project: Kachi Resources & Reserves



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Project: Kachi Key Figures

Initial capital costs


After-tax IRR


$20,000/t LCE pricing, 8% Discount rate

Operating Cost





Project: Hombre Muerto North Sensitivity Analysis : Forecasted pricing

Pricing forecast NPV 8% (After-tax) US$ IRR
$9900/t LCE
$500 M
$11000/t LCE
$748 M
$20,000/t LCE*
$2.777 B*

*Interpolated value

Lake Resources $LKE Current valuation

See how much of the lithium project’s Net Present Value is priced in with todays valuation. The data is delayed 15-minutes.

Compare to other South American projects!

Want to know how the valuation compare to other lithium companies in South America?
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Lake Resources $LKE Company Financials


$ 0 M

Sept. 20

Cash & Cash eq

$ 2.3 M

Sept. 20


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