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In short

Net Present Value:


$12000/t LCE pricing. After-tax, 8% Discount rate

Resource Estimate:

1.1 Mt

LCE, Measured & Indicated





Lithium project:

Rhyolite Ridge

Nevada, USA

Project Summary

Net Present Value


$12000/t LCE pricing. After-tax, 8% Discount rate

Resource Estimate

1.1 Mt

Measured & Indicated

Completed Stage:


Location: Nevada, USA
Completed Stage: DFS
Next Stage: Construction
Deposit type: Sedimentary


Company description

The Rhyolite Ridge Lithium-Boron Project provides a substantial foundation for ioneer to become a responsible and profitable producer of the materials necessary for a sustainable future. Rhyolite Ridge is a large, shallow lithium-boron deposit located close to existing infrastructure in southern Nevada, USA and owned 100% by ioneer.

Completed in April 2020, the Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) validates Rhyolite Ridge as a world-class resource with significant value creation potential due to its low-cost, large-scale operation and long mine life.

Key takeaways:

1. Stable revenue from Boron co-product

Co-production of both lithium & boron creates two revenue streams. The boron pricing is very predictable. 

2. Soon to initiate construction phase

The company is aiming to start construction of the Rhyolite Ridge project in Q2 2021.

3. $490 million JV with Sibanye Stillwater

In 2021, Sibanye Stillwater announced they offer $490 million for 50% of the Rhyolite Ridge project.

Resources & Reserves



Project Economics

Initial capital costs


After-tax IRR


$12000/t LCE pricing, 8% Discount rate

Operating Cost


LCE, incl by-products credit



Of the Rhyolite Ridge project

Sensitivity Analysis - Forecasted Pricing

Forecasted LCE pricingAfter-tax NPV(8%) After-tax IRR
$12000/t$ 1.27 B20.8%

Ioneer: $INR Current valuation

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Company financials


$0 M AUD

Sep 30, 2020

Cash & Cash eq

$28.3 M AUD

Sep 30, 2020
includes Assets up for sale


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