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Solis Minerals Bolsters Copper Exploration Landholding in Peru

Solis Minerals Limited (ASX: SLM) has announced an expansion of its copper exploration licences in Peru. The expansion includes a 6,400-hectare package within a highly prospective coastal belt between Ilo Norte and Ilo Este.

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Solis Copper Exploration Overview

The new applications cover 6,400 hectares of underexplored copper ground. Historically held by Anaconda Copper, the area has seen limited exploration.

Solis Copper Exploration Extends Landholding

Solis now controls 43,500 hectares, primarily along the coastal belt. The targeted area lies between Jurassic and Cretaceous batholiths, which are highly prospective for porphyry copper occurrences.

Solis Copper Exploration Commences Drill Permitting

Two drill permit applications are underway for Ilo Este and Ilo Norte, while the Cinto application is in the planning phase. The company has identified copper mineralisation associated with silicification and alteration across new application areas.

Solis Copper Exploration Advances

Executive Director Matthew Boyes stated, “We are pleased to add a land package with highly prospective copper exploration ground in Peru. Solis is building a portfolio of exploration properties in an underexplored porphyry belt.”

Next Steps in Solis Copper Exploration

The company plans to prioritize drill permitting in Peru while continuing to explore lithium and copper opportunities in South America.

About Solis Minerals

Solis Minerals is an emerging lithium and copper explorer focusing on Latin American critical minerals. The company holds significant interests in lithium projects in Brazil and copper projects in Peru.

Solis Copper Exploration: Contact Information

For more details, contact:

Matt Boyes
Executive Director, Solis Minerals Limited
+61 8 6117 4795

Stephanie Richardson & Cameron Gilenko
Investor Relations, Morrow Sodali
+61 (8) 6160 4900

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