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E3 Lithium Expands Calgary Lab for Enhanced Lithium Carbonate Production

E3 Lithium (TSXV: ETL) (FSE: OW3) (OTCQX: EEMMF) announces the expansion of its Calgary-based laboratory to include the production of battery products such as lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide. The facility aims to validate lithium carbonate production, supporting feasibility studies and future operations. The process aims to refine battery-grade lithium carbonate production.

E3 Lithium Enhances Battery Material Production

E3 Lithium is set to deploy scaled down process equipment for validating and optimizing lithium carbonate production. This move is crucial for supporting the company’s feasibility engineering study and future commercial endeavors.

Advantages of In-House Capability

According to Chris Doornbos, President and CEO, building and operating scaled down equipment mimics commercial operations. This process allows the lab team to verify and optimize production steps efficiently, ensuring accurate and timely data for commercial plant design and operations.

From DLE to Lithium Carbonate

E3 Lithium utilizes Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology to efficiently extract lithium ions, producing a concentrated stream. This leads to the production of battery-grade lithium carbonate through conventional chemical reactions, including purification and lithium product precipitation.

About E3 Lithium’s Lab

Located within the University of Calgary’s research park, the lab is equipped for a wide range of tests and experiments. The diverse team ensures a multidisciplinary approach to R&D, aiming to produce high purity, battery-grade lithium products.

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