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Hiru Corp Appoints Vlad Duba as Interim CEO & COO

Hiru Corp (HIRU) announces Vlad Duba as its new interim CEO. With extensive experience across various industries, including banking and mining, Duba is set to lead the company’s mining division. His past achievements include significant discoveries and initiatives in the Green Energy sector.

Vlad Duba’s Strategic Vision for Hiru Corp

Vlad’s role as interim CEO encompasses leadership over the COO position, focusing on mining operations. His vision includes expanding Hiru’s sustainability efforts and enhancing its position in the mining industry.

Hiru Corporation: A Diverse Portfolio

Hiru Corporation holds interests in mining in Africa, gold trading in Dubai, and freight services in the USA. The company is exploring options to diversify its portfolio, including selling its water division.

This strategic appointment aligns with Hiru’s commitment to sustainability and innovative solutions in the mining sector.

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