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Stefan Gleason Raises Stake in Electric Royalties to 24%

Electric Royalties Ltd. (TSXV:ELEC)(OTCQB:ELECF) recently witnessed an increase in investment by Stefan Gleason, who now controls about 24% of the company’s shares. This announcement follows significant positive developments in the company’s largest royalties, including Battery Hill, Seymour Lake, and Mont Sorcier.

Electric Royalties’ Strategic Investments

Gleason continues to buy additional shares on the open market, citing the company’s assets as undervalued based on its current market capitalization. The acquisition of a package of lithium properties this month nearly doubles Electric Royalties’ royalty count, signaling strong future cash flow and portfolio expansion.

Gleason’s Investment Approach

Utilizing the Normal Course Purchase Exemption allows Gleason to exceed the 20% ownership threshold without triggering a takeover bid, showcasing a strategic investment approach that avoids diluting existing shareholder value. Gleason, a prominent U.S. entrepreneur, also provided a C$10 million convertible credit facility to support the company’s growth.

Recent Share Acquisitions

On April 29, 2024, Gleason acquired 56,900 shares, bringing his total ownership to over 24%. This acquisition marks a significant increase from his previously reported stake, aligning with his ongoing support and belief in Electric Royalties’ value and potential.

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