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Comstock Inc. (LODE) Innovates with Physics-Based AI for Material Discovery

Comstock Inc. (NYSE: LODE) reveals groundbreaking achievements in AI, enhancing material discovery and enabling significant financing opportunities for Quantum Generative Materials LLC (GenMat).

Accelerating Material Discovery with AI

GenMat has achieved remarkable accuracy in simulating new material properties, reducing development times from months to hours. This progress opens doors for early adopter sales and positions GenMat for substantial third-party financing.

GenMat’s Technological Breakthroughs

GenMat’s AI software now boasts over 98% accuracy in high-throughput materials discovery. The successful launch of the GENMAT-1 satellite into Low Earth Orbit enhances GenMat’s ability to predict mineral deposits. Furthermore, discussions with global leaders in batteries and semiconductors promise commercialization in multiple industries.

Strategic Realignment and Growth

Comstock and GenMat have revised their investment agreements, facilitating accelerated growth and commercialization with a reduced total commitment but increased equity stake for Comstock.

Future-Proofing Industries with AI

Comstock licenses GenMat’s technology for mining and biofuels, evidencing the broad applicability and transformative potential of GenMat’s AI solutions.

Comstock specializes in decarbonization technologies, affirming its investment in GenMat as strategic to its mission of innovation and global decarbonization efforts.

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