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Pan American Energy Hits High-Grade Lithium at Big Mack: 1.71% Li2O over 19.65m

Pan American Energy (PAE) has unveiled the final drill results for its 2023/2024 program at the Big Mack Lithium Project, marking a significant discovery in the Eleven Zone Pegmatite.

Big Mack Lithium Project Drill Results

Pan American Energy reported a standout lithium oxide grade of 1.71% Li2O across 19.65 meters. This promising result showcases the project’s potential for high-grade lithium production.

Details from the Eleven Zone Pegmatite

The drilling program targeted the Eleven Zone, where the company successfully identified lithium concentrations that exceed expectations. This achievement highlights Pan American Energy’s expertise and the Big Mack Project’s viability as a leading source for lithium.

Impact on Lithium Market

These drill results contribute to the growing body of evidence that the Big Mack Project could play a crucial role in meeting the global demand for lithium, used predominantly in electric vehicle batteries and other green technologies.

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