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Tantalex Lithium Achieves First Export of Tin and Tantalum from DRC TiTan Plant

Tantalex Lithium Resources Corp. (CSE: TTX – FSE: DW8 – OTCQB: TTLXF) has announced the successful completion of its first export, 15 tons of tin concentrates, from its TiTan plant in the Manono region, DRC.
CEO Eric Allard expressed the strategic timing of this export, coinciding with tin prices reaching nearly 2-year highs. The TiTan plant’s process recovery route has proven effective, producing concentrates with a tin (Sn) percentage of 68.64% and minimal deleterious elements.

Traceability and Risk Management Initiatives

Tantalex provided a traceability report from Better Mining, validating the responsible sourcing and risk management practices in place, aligning with the OECD Due Diligence Guidance.

Optimization of the TiTan Plant

The company is progressing with its TiTan plant optimization, including a newly received scrubber/trommel, to meet production targets by running the plant at enhanced capacities.

Strategic Financial Agreements

Recent agreements with Trade Cloud Services PTE Ltd. and amendments post-novation, aim to extend the repayment date, showcasing financial prudence and strategic partnerships.

About Tantalex Lithium Resources Corporation

Engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and development of lithium, tin, and tantalum properties in Africa, Tantalex Lithium focuses on its Tin and Tantalum concentrate plant and lithium assets in the Manono area, DRC.

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