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Graphite One Partners with Digitonic Ltd. for Enhanced Investor Relations

Graphite One Inc. (TSXV:GPH) (OTCQX: GPHOF) announces a partnership with Digitonic Ltd., a Glasgow-based investor relations firm, to boost visibility among investors, effective immediately.

Graphite One’s Strategic Partnership

Graphite One has engaged Digitonic Ltd. for investor relations and marketing services. This collaboration aims to highlight Graphite One and its graphite project to both institutional and retail investors.

Details of the Agreement

Digitonic will provide content creation, distribution, and advertisement services, primarily targeting the North American market, for a service fee of US$50,000 monthly over 12 months. This agreement permits early cancellation after 90 days, with extension options on a month-to-month basis post-service period.

Digitonic’s Role and Compliance

Focusing on a compliance-first approach, Digitonic does not own any interest in Graphite One and will adhere to all applicable securities laws and TSX Venture Exchange policies.

Graphite One’s Supply Chain Vision

Graphite One is developing a full U.S.-based advanced graphite supply chain, starting from its Graphite Creek resource in Alaska. This strategic plan includes manufacturing facilities for advanced graphite materials and a recycling facility, reinforcing the company’s commitment to a circular economy.

About Graphite One Inc.

Graphite One is advancing its Graphite One Project aiming to establish a domestic source for anode active materials for lithium-ion batteries. Located in Alaska, with manufacturing plans in Niles, Ohio, and potential sites in Washington State, the company is positioned to make a significant impact on the electric vehicle battery and energy storage markets.

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