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Manganese X Energy Advances in US Battery Validation Tests

Montreal, Quebec–(April 17, 2024) – Manganese X Energy Corp. (TSXV: MN) (FSE: 9SC) (TRADEGATE: 9SC) (OTCQB: MNXXF) has successfully passed the first step in the C4V Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Cathode compliance standards’ testing. This accomplishment signals progress in the validation of their High Purity Manganese sample by US Battery Leader C4V for potential Gigafactory joint ventures.

Progress in C4V’s Validation Testing

Manganese X’s High Purity Manganese sample is undergoing C4V’s Digital DNA Supply Chain Qualification Program. This testing is part of a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding the companies signed earlier in 2024, with potential leading to an offtake deal for the manganese from Manganese X’s Battery Hill project in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada.

The sample has already met the Phase 1-A validation requirements and is now undergoing Phase 1-B, which includes Coin Cell Testing. This phase assesses the product’s capacity, stability, and functional capacity evaluation (FCE).

Manganese X CEO Martin Kepman stated, ‘We are making significant progress through C4V’s multi-phased validation process. This brings us nearer to a binding offtake deal for our Battery Hill project. We are confident in the potential of our High Purity Manganese to meet EV-compliance standards for Gigafactory joint ventures.’

About C4V

C4V is a US-based leader in lithium-ion battery technology. The company’s developments enhance battery life, safety, and charging performance which benefits Gigafactory setups worldwide by supporting robust manufacturing ecosystems.

About Manganese X Energy Corp.

Manganese X aims to initiate the production of its Battery Hill project and become the first actively traded North American public company to commercialize EV Compliant High Purity Manganese. The company’s strategy focuses on supplying critical materials to the lithium-ion battery and renewable energy industries, improving production efficiencies and reducing costs.

CEO Martin Kepman can be reached at or via phone at 1-514-802-1814.

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