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Globex Mining Completes Sale of Saskatchewan Alkali Disposition

Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. (GMX – Toronto Stock Exchange) announced the successful acquisition and subsequent sale of a sodium sulphate Alkali Disposition in Saskatchewan to Edison Lithium Corp. The deal included $200,000 in cash and $50,000 in Edison stock, along with a 2% Gross Revenue Royalty on future production.

This marks the fifth Alkali Disposition that Edison has purchased from Globex in Saskatchewan. Previous sales included the Ceylon Lake, Freefight Lake, and both the North and South areas of Capri Lake. These compounds are crucial for the development of sodium-ion batteries.

Globex Mining Transaction Details

Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. received significant compensation for the Whiteshore property, further strengthening its industry position. The agreement not only provided immediate financial benefits but also ensures long-term gains through revenue royalties linked to Edison’s commercial production.

President and CEO Jack Stoch, a geologist, led the transaction, underscoring the strategic importance of such assets in the evolving battery materials market.

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