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Surge Battery Surpasses 99% Purity in Lithium Carbonate Production

Surge Battery Metals Inc. (TSXV: NILI) (OTCQX: NILIF) (FSE: DJ5) has announced a groundbreaking achievement in lithium carbonate production. The Nevada North Lithium Project has produced lithium carbonate with a dry-basis purity exceeding 99%.

Technical Grade Lithium Carbonate Achieved

Greg Reimer, CEO and Director, highlights the project’s progress from initial metallurgical analyses to a successful concept proof, demonstrating the project’s potential for battery-grade lithium carbonate production.

The purification process involved steps from clay attrition and sulfuric acid digestion to precise impurity removal, showcasing a major technological leap forward.

Advancing towards Battery Grade

The next phase focuses on scaling up trials to further purify lithium carbonate to meet battery-grade criteria, aiming to minimize environmental impact while optimizing resource recovery.

Alan J. Morris, a qualified third-party, has endorsed the technical validity of these advancements. Surge Battery Metals, through the Nevada North Lithium Project, is shaping a sustainable future in lithium exploration, vital for the electric vehicle industry.

About Surge Battery Metals

A Canadian mineral exploration trailblazer, Surge Battery Metals is committed to domestic lithium supply, with strategic projects like the NNLP spearheading the charge towards clean energy solutions.

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