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Power Metals Corp and Winsome Resources Launch Summer Field Program in Quebec

Power Metals Corp. (PWM, OAA1, PWRMF) announces a collaborative summer field program with Winsome Resources in Quebec, focusing on Decelles and Mazerac properties. Additionally, progress on Case Lake’s winter drilling program is shared, highlighting positive findings.

Summer Field Program in Quebec

Power Metals Corp., in collaboration with Winsome Resources, will initiate a field mapping and soil sampling program at Decelles and Mazerac properties in June 2024. This strategy aims to explore the potential of these early-stage properties.

Case Lake Drilling Update

The company reports significant progress at Case Lake, having completed over half of the planned 4,000-meter drill program. Encouraging signs of spodumene and cesium mineralization have been observed, with plans to continue exploration.

Case and Pelletier Property Highlights

Located in northeastern Ontario and Quebec, these properties show promising signs of spodumene-bearing LCT pegmatites, crucial for lithium production. The ongoing exploration and previous campaigns underscore the company’s commitment to advancing these projects.

Pollucite and Cesium Overview

The discovery of high-grade cesium in pollucite minerals at the West Joe deposit positions Power Metals as a key player in the critical minerals sector, with the Tanco mine being a notable comparison for cesium reserves.

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