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Giyani Metals Corp. Launches Infill Drilling at K.Hill Battery-Grade Manganese Project

Giyani Metals Corp. (TSXV:EMM, GR:A2DUU8) has kicked off a 2,500m, 61 drillhole infill drilling program at the K.Hill Project, aiming to elevate Indicated Mineral Resources to Measured Mineral Resources, crucial for the initial 5 years of mining.

2024 Drilling Program at K.Hill

Giyani Metals Corp. has launched a comprehensive drilling program with a blend of Reverse-Circulation and Diamond Drilling to optimize recoveries and maintain cost-effectiveness. This strategic move builds on the July 2023 Mineral Resource Estimate, aiming to upgrade part of the 8.6Mt Indicated Mineral Resource to support project finance debt period requirements.

Demonstration Plant Construction Progress

The Demo Plant under construction in Johannesburg will process 100 tonnes of K.Hill ore, demonstrating the company’s hydrometallurgical process effectiveness. This step marks a significant move towards the commercial production planned in Botswana by 2027.

CEO’s Vision for Giyani Metals Corp.

Danny Keating, President and CEO, expressed the company’s strategic initiatives aim to de-risk the project for financiers, with the drilling program providing a solid foundation for the Definitive Feasibility Study and the Final Investment Decision in 2025.

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