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TNR Gold Corp. Announces Successful Progress on Ganfeng’s Mariana Lithium Project for 2024 Production

TNR Gold Corp. (TSXV: TNR) has excitedly shared that Ganfeng Lithium is moving forward as planned with the Mariana Lithium Project, set for its first production in 2024. This engagement marks a steady advancement towards harnessing lithium resources, crucial for powering the energy revolution.

Mariana Lithium Project Update

Construction of this noteworthy project began in June 2022, and by late 2022, Ganfeng initiated brine infusion into salt fields. Infrastructure development, including salt fields and chemical plants, is on track, promising the start of lithium chloride production by year-end 2024.

TNR’s Stake and Vision

TNR holds a 1.5% NSR Royalty in the Argentina-based project. Executive Chairman Kirill Klip emphasizes TNR’s role in the emerging green metals sector and its no-debt achievement, highlighting the company’s robust financial health and promising future in mineral royalty earnings.

TNR’s portfolio covers significant ventures, including the Shotgun Gold Project, offering prospects for major discoveries, and strategic alliances with top industry players ensuring a stream of royalty revenues.

Strategic Alliances and Royalty Interests

TNR’s journey includes partnerships with Ganfeng Lithium, McEwen Mining, and Lundin Mining, enriching its asset base. The company boasts a 0.4% NSR Royalty in the Los Azules Copper Project and a profitable engagement in the Josemaria Project.

The company’s alignment with gold, copper, silver, and lithium highlights its commitment to contributing to the tech and energy sectors, reinforcing TNR’s market presence and shareholder value.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,
Kirill Klip, Executive Chairman

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