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Snow Lake Energy Boosts Uranium Exploration at Engo Valley in 2024

Snow Lake Resources Ltd. (NASDAQ: LITM), also known as Snow Lake Energy, has announced the completion of its 2024 exploration program planning for the Engo Valley Uranium Project, with activities set to start soon.

CEO Shares Excitement for Exploration Progress

Frank Wheatley, CEO of Snow Lake, expressed enthusiasm about embarking on exploration at the Engo Valley Uranium Project. He highlighted the project’s potential for significant uranium deposits based on historical data and the company’s goal to establish an SK-1300 compliant mineral resource estimate.

2024 Exploration Program Details

Snow Lake’s initial exploration phase includes analyzing airborne survey data, conducting radon cup and topographical surveys, and a 1,000-meter reverse circulation drill program aimed at both verifying and expanding upon historical findings.

Engo Valley Uranium Project Overview

The project is situated along Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, showcasing potential high-grade uranium mineralization discovered since 1973. Exclusive Prospecting License 5887, covering 69,530 hectares, underscores the project’s historical and future exploration significance.

Namibia: A Leading Uranium Producer

Namibia stands out as a key player in the global uranium market, contributing significantly to world production and home to major mines. The nation’s favorable mining investment climate further enhances the project’s strategic value.

About Snow Lake Resources Ltd.
Snow Lake Resources Ltd., trading as Snow Lake Energy on NASDAQ: LITM, is pioneering in the clean energy minerals sector, with a portfolio that includes the Engo Valley Uranium Project.

For inquiries, contact:
Frank Wheatley, CEO
+1 (604) 562-1916
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