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Blackrock Silver Corp. Unveils Major Incentive Awards Including PSUs, DSUs, and Stock Options

Blackrock Silver Corp. (TSXV: BRC) has granted a significant number of incentive awards to its directors, management, and consultants, aligning with its Omnibus Equity Incentive Compensation Plan. These awards comprise 469,811 performance share units (PSUs), 150,944 deferred share units (DSUs), and 954,797 stock options.

Details of the Incentive Awards

The granted stock options allow the holder to acquire a common share at $0.275 each, vesting over three years and expiring in 2029. PSUs provide for shares or cash based on performance, vesting over three years. DSUs will convert into common shares one year post-grant. These initiatives reinforce the company’s commitment to performance and growth.

About Blackrock Silver Corp.

Backed by significant precious metal resources, Blackrock aims to enhance shareholder value through diligent exploration. The company boasts a strong position in Nevada, with notable projects like Tonopah West and Silver Cloud, demonstrating a continuous pursuit of discovery and development.

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