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ALX Resources Corp. Hits Uranium Mineralization in Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Basin

ALX Resources Corp. (TSXV: AL) (FSE: 6LLN) (OTC: ALXEF) has announced significant uranium mineralization findings at its Gibbons Creek Uranium Project in the Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan. The success comes from the winter 2024 drilling program, with notable results from holes GC24-02 and GC24-03 revealing promising uranium intervals.

Significant Drilling Results at Gibbons Creek

The recent drilling confirms uranium mineralization with hole GC24-02 showing 220 counts per second (cps) of radioactivity and GC24-03 peaking at 190 cps. These findings point to a potential for significant uranium deposits in the area, underscoring the Project’s value and exploration prospects.

2024 Drilling Program Overview

ALX’s six-hole drilling campaign aims to uncover unconformity-type and basement-hosted uranium mineralization, with the program continuing into early 2024. The project benefits from its proximity to Stony Rapids, aiding logistical efficiency for ongoing exploration work.

Partnership with Trinex Minerals Limited

Under a recent agreement with Trinex Minerals Limited, ALX may enhance Project development, demonstrating a strategic approach to accelerating Gibbons Creek’s exploration and potential production pathways.

About Gibbons Creek Uranium Project

Spanning 13,864 hectares, Gibbons Creek showcases the Athabasca Basin’s exploration potential. With historical and current drilling results reinforcing the site’s uranium prospects, ALX continues to prioritize high-impact exploration areas.

ALX emphasizes employing advanced exploration technologies and techniques, ensuring a meticulous approach to uncovering and confirming valuable mineral resources at Gibbons Creek.

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