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MAX Power Mining Advances with BLM Permits for Enhanced Phase 2 Drilling in Willcox

MAX Power Mining Corp. (CSE: MAXX; OTC: MAXXF; FRANKFURT: 89N) announced obtaining drill permits from the Bureau of Land Management for Phase 2 drilling at the Willcox Lithium Project, aiming at uncovering a significant lithium claystone deposit in southeast Arizona.

Willcox Lithium Project Targets Extensive Deposits

MAX Power completed a Phase 1 drilling program, identifying lithium-rich clays. With the new permits, the company is set to explore a promising area known for its low resistivity, indicative of high lithium potential.

Innovations in Lithium Extraction

At a recent conference, Dr. Dimitrius Khaladj shared groundbreaking DLE technologies. This collaborative effort with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory could revolutionize lithium brine extraction.

Strategic Market Maker Partnership

Independent Trading Group, Inc. is now the market maker for MAX Power, enhancing share liquidity and ensuring a stable market presence for investors.

Corporate Vision and Leadership

Led by CEO Rav Mlait, MAX Power is at the forefront of domestic lithium exploration, collaborating with top U.S. laboratories to bring innovative extraction methods to market.

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