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Enertopia Corporation Announces March 2024 Lithium Project and Green Technology Patent Updates

Enertopia Corporation (OTCQB: ENRT) and (CSE: ENRT) is excited to announce a significant update on its lithium projects and advancements in green technology patents. With focused efforts on enhancing shareholder value through Nevada lithium claims and inventive green technology solutions, the company shares key developments.

March 2024 Technology and Patent Progress

Enertopia has actively engaged with the United States Patent Trademark Office (USPTO), providing updates on three significant patents:

Heat Recovery System Patent (17/751,305): Enertopia has submitted its third response to the USPTO and is awaiting further feedback.

Water Producing System Patent (17/888,320): The company anticipates the USPTO’s feedback on its second response soon.

Energy Management System Patent (17/979/696): Used by CapNtrack, Enertopia received initial comments from the USPTO and plans to respond by the end of May.

Moreover, Enertopia is progressing on its Hydrogen technology and expects to file a non-provisional patent by mid-2024.

President Robert McAllister expresses enthusiasm for the ongoing development of the company’s Lithium and technology assets, signaling a bright future.

Lithium Project Updates and Green Technology

The forward motion in Enertopia’s lithium claims and green technology patents positions the company as a leader in environmental solutions. Focusing on lithium extraction and securing intellectual property in EV and green technologies, Enertopia is committed to building significant shareholder value.

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