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Graphite One Inc. Revolutionizes U.S. Graphite Supply Chain with New Ohio Manufacturing Plant

Graphite One Inc. (TSXV: GPH) (OTCQX: GPHOF), aiming to create a fully domestic U.S. supply chain for advanced graphite materials, vivaciously announced its choice of Ohio’s “Voltage Valley” for its groundbreaking graphite anode manufacturing plant. Securing a 50-year land lease agreement for an 85-acre site in Niles, Ohio, the company embarks on a strategic mission to fortify the U.S. technology and automobile industries with a sustainable supply of critical mineral graphite.

Graphite One’s Strategic Expansion in Ohio

Graphite One initiates construction within 36 months on a brownfield site, historically utilized for national defense stockpile storage, now ready to support a facility producing 25,000 tons of battery-ready anode material annually. With easy access to renewable energy sources, essential logistics infrastructure, and a 100,000 ton production scale potential, this initiative signals a significant leap towards achieving a 100% U.S.-based graphite supply chain.

Graphite One’s Comprehensive Supply Chain Vision

From mining at the Graphite Creek Project in Alaska to manufacturing in Ohio, Graphite One envisions a comprehensive supply chain culminating in a recycling facility for a circular economy. This ambitious project not only addresses the U.S.’s dependency on imported graphite but also promises over 160 new jobs, underscoring the economic benefits intertwined with environmental sustainability.

Upcoming Events and Corporate Milestones

President and CEO, Anthony Huston, is poised to present at the 2024 Kinvestor Critical Minerals & Mining Virtual Conference, spotlighting Graphite One’s pivotal role in the global energy transition. Moreover, the company’s commitment to corporate excellence is reflected in the recent grant of incentive awards, fostering a culture of achievement and innovation.

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