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Nuinsco Resources Reports Breakthrough in Prairie Lake Project: High-Grade Phosphate and Rare Earth Elements

Nuinsco Resources Limited (CSE: NWI, FRA: NJX) has announced exciting updates on the Prairie Lake Project, highlighting significant advancements in mineral concentration processes.

Encouraging Metallurgical Results

The latest metallurgical program results showcase a clean phosphate concentrate with a 26% P2O5 grade at a 76% recovery rate. The program also successfully co-concentrated valuable rare earth elements (REEs) alongside phosphate. Notably, REEs have reached a concentrate grade of 1% total rare earth oxide (TREO), enhancing the project’s potential for producing critical minerals crucial for green industries and technology applications.

Further Testing Promises More Improvements

Continuous testing aims to further refine the grade and recovery rates for phosphate, REEs, and niobium. Expert facilities at COREM in Quebec and SGS-Lakefield in Ontario have been pivotal in achieving these promising results. The project stands as a potential major producer of phosphate, REEs, and niobium, all deemed Critical Minerals by Canada.

Strategic Location Enhances Project Viability

Prairie Lake’s strategic proximity to significant infrastructure, including all-weather roads, railways, and deep-water ports, positions it advantageously for mineral development and supply. The project’s substantial MRE underscores its capacity to support the growing demand for critical minerals in North America and beyond.

Paul Jones, CEO of Nuinsco, expressed optimism about the project’s future, highlighting its potential to become a significant source of critical minerals necessary for a variety of high-demand industries.

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