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Grid Battery Metals Embarks on Clayton Valley Lithium Exploration in 2024

Grid Battery Metals Inc. (TSXV: CELL, OTCQB: EVKRF FRA: NMK2) proudly announces the immediate commencement of its 2024 Exploration Program at the Clayton Valley Lithium Project.

Clayton Valley Lithium Project Kickstart

Grid has selected Rangefront Geological to conduct detailed soil sampling and oversee a CSAMT geophysical survey by KLM Geoscience. This dual approach aims to pinpoint lithium brine strata and surface-reaching brine, paving the way for strategic drill target selection.

Lithium Exploration Expertise

Over the past decade, Rangefront Geological has delivered top-tier mining consulting services across North America. In collaboration with Grid, they aim to leverage advanced soil sampling and geophysics to optimize exploration efforts at Clayton Valley.

Upcoming Exploration Phases

Tim Fernback, CEO of Grid, expresses confidence in Rangefront’s capabilities, emphasizing their successful partnership on previous lithium exploration projects. The immediate soil sampling and impending CSAMT survey will inform the planning of a first-phase drilling program, eyeing four drill sites to depths of 1000 ft each.

About Our Partners

KLM Geoscience, known for its geophysical exploration prowess and efficient survey execution, joins the exploration endeavor, backed by a suite of advanced techniques.

Grid Battery Metals Profile

Grid Battery Metals Inc. focuses on exploring valuable battery metals, steering the electric vehicle market towards a sustainable future.

Exploration Horizons

Adjacent to notable lithium projects and owning significant claims in Nevada and British Columbia, Grid is at the forefront of uncovering high-grade lithium deposits, aiming to contribute substantially to the EV battery metals supply chain.

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