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Blackrock Silver Corp Secures 100% Ownership of High-Grade Tonopah West Silver Project

Blackrock Silver Corp. (TSXV: BRC) has announced the completion of its acquisition of the Tonopah West project, now holding 100% ownership. This move follows an agreement from February 24, 2020, with Nevada Select Royalty, a subsidiary of Gold Royalty Corp.

Blackrock Silver’s Strategic Acquisition

Blackrock Silver has paid a total of US$3 million to Nevada Select Royalty over four years, culminating in a final payment of US$1 million. This strategic acquisition positions Blackrock to advance Tonopah West through further studies, aiming to unlock its full potential.

Tonopah West: A Premier Silver Project

Spanning 1,380 acres in Nevada’s historic silver district, Tonopah West emerges as a high-grade silver discovery. Andrew Pollard, the company’s CEO, highlighted its significance as the leading undeveloped large silver project globally. The project also extends to 64 unpatented claims, adding 1,280 acres to Blackrock’s assets.

Advancing with a Vision

With ownership now secured, Blackrock focuses on project de-risking and expansion. The company’s commitment is reinforced by its strong exploration track record in Nevada, backed by significant gold and silver resources.

About Blackrock Silver Corp.

As a junior exploration company, Blackrock aims to increase shareholder value through diligent exploration efforts. Alongside Tonopah West, its portfolio includes the Silver Cloud project and a lithium discovery, demonstrating a broad spectrum of mineral interests.

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