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Bradda Head Lithium Ltd Kicks Off Drilling at Arizona’s Basin Project to Boost Lithium Resources

Bradda Head Lithium Ltd (AIM:BHL, TSXV:BHLI), a leading lithium development group in North America, has launched drilling operations at its Basin Project in Arizona. The announcement follows the company’s March 4, 2024, statement about initiating and mobilizing equipment for the project. With a six-hole drilling program underway, the aim is to enhance the company’s lithium in clay Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE) significantly.

Expanding Lithium Resources

The program targets a substantial increase in the lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE), with aspirations to elevate it from 1.085MT to over 2.5MT. This endeavor involves drilling step-out holes with 500 to 700m spacing to preserve the Inferred category of MRE, striving to build on the already established 1.085MT of LCE by drilling northward. The venture not only aims to expand the quantity of lithium resources but also investigates the possibility of encountering higher lithium grades within the thicker clay sequences.

Drilling Program Highlights

Approximately 8,800 feet of core drilling are planned, targeting not only an expansion of the LCE but also testing the Lower Clay for potential increased tonnage and lithium grades. Special drilling techniques, such as the triple tube core capture, will ensure high recovery rates, providing valuable data for future explorations and studies.

Strengthening Regulatory and Operational Foundations

The commencement was made possible by securing requisite permissions for exploration drilling, signifying proactive engagement and compliance with environmental and regulatory standards. The enhancement of access roads and drilling sites demonstrates the company’s commitment to operational excellence and environmental stewardship.

Corporate Milestones

In addition to drilling updates, the company has confirmed the regulatory approval of its Stock Option Plan, signifying steady corporate governance and strategic planning for future growth. This plan stands as a testament to the company’s forward-thinking and commitment to its stakeholders.

For more details on the company’s projects and strategic initiatives, please contact Bradda Head Lithium Ltd directly.

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