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VanadiumCorp Secures Patent in India for Revolutionary Metallurgical Process

VanadiumCorp Resource Inc. (TSX-V: VRB) (FSE: NWNA) (OTC: VRBFF) is excited to announce the issuance of a Grant of Patent by the Government of India for its VEPT technology designed to recover vanadium and iron. This marks a pivotal achievement in the company’s history, emphasizing its innovation in sustainable metallurgy.

Key Details of the Patent Grant

The Patent Office in India awarded Patent Number 517528 to VanadiumCorp for its hydrometallurgical process, developed by Dr. Francois Cardarelli. The VEPT technology, now patented in multiple countries, aims to efficiently extract vanadium and iron from specific feedstocks.

Global Patent Protection Expands

With patents in the U.S., South Africa, Australia, and now India, and pending applications in the EU and Canada, VanadiumCorp solidifies its global presence. The company’s CEO, Paul McGuigan, highlights the importance of these strategic patents in securing the proprietary VEPT process.

Advantages of VEPT Technology

VEPT offers a breakthrough in reducing energy consumption in vanadium extraction. The process not only simplifies the recovery of valuable minerals but also produces key precursors for high-demand battery technologies.

Commitment to Energy Storage Solutions

As global energy paradigms shift towards renewable resources, VanadiumCorp’s focus on Vanadium Flow Batteries illustrates its commitment to supporting long-duration energy storage systems, crucial for stabilizing renewable energy supply.

About VanadiumCorp

VanadiumCorp aims to become a leader in the supply of vanadium for energy storage solutions and is undertaking efforts to develop its Lac Doré deposit in Québec as a reliable vanadium source.

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