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PDAC 2024 Highlights: Canada’s Role in Sustainable Mining and Critical Minerals

Minister Wilkinson and Marc G. Serré
Canada is a cornerstone in the global mining industry, playing a vital role in the supply of critical minerals for the clean technology sector. At the forefront of this initiative, the PDAC 2024 convention in Toronto showcased Canada’s ambitions and actions towards securing a sustainable and competitive position in the global market.

Canada’s Critical Minerals Strategy at PDAC 2024

Canada’s commitment to sustainable mining and the importance of critical minerals were central themes at PDAC 2024. The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson and Marc G. Serré shared updates on the $3.8 billion Critical Minerals Strategy, highlighting over $14.9 million in funding for various projects aimed at enhancing the nation’s mining sector.

Investments and International Collaborations

The announcements included significant investments in the minerals sector and bolstered partnerships, focusing on Environmental, Social, and Governance best practices. Moreover, international collaboration was a key agenda, with Canada engaging in multiple agreements to ensure a resilient supply chain for critical minerals.

Advancing Sustainable Mining

Canada’s role in sustainable mineral development and mining innovation was emphasized, alongside efforts to create economic opportunities, good jobs, and reduce carbon emissions. Events and discussions at PDAC 2024 highlighted Canada’s dedication to a global net-zero economy and securing the future of mining.

Key Takeaways from PDAC 2024

The discussions and agreements at PDAC 2024 underline Canada’s strategic position in the global mining industry, with a focus on sustainability, innovation, and international cooperation. The government’s ongoing efforts promise a bright future for Canadian workers and the global environment alike.

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