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Grid Battery Metals Inc. Partners with Capital Analytica for Enhanced Social Media Engagement

Grid Battery Metals Inc. (TSXV:CELL) (OTC:EVKRF) (FRA:NMK2) has confirmed a renewed partnership with Capital Analytica for advanced social media services, emphasizing engagement enhancement. This collaboration underscores Grid’s commitment to potentiate its promotional strategies.

Renewed Partnership with Capital Analytica

Following the agreement signed on March 6, 2024, Capital Analytica commits to offer multi-dimensional promotional enhancement services to Grid, including continuous social media guidance, sentiment analysis, and corporate video dissemination. The engagement is conditioned on TSX Venture Exchange approval and is valued at $60,000 for a six-month period, with an option for extension.

About Grid Battery Metals Inc.

Grid Battery Metals Inc. is a forefront exploration firm in the electric vehicle (EV) battery metal sector, with a noteworthy presence in lithium and nickel project explorations across North America.

Lithium and Nickel Projects

Significant lithium exploration endeavors at the Texas Spring Property, Clayton Valley Lithium Project, and Volt Canyon Lithium Property highlight Grid’s pivotal role in addressing the increasing demand for battery metals. Similarly, the company’s ventures in British Columbia with the Nickel Projects affirm its strategic expansion in pursuit of critical metals like nickel, cobalt, and chromium.

Strategic Initiatives and Contact Information

The company has unveiled plans for the spin-off of its subsidiary, AC/DC Battery Metals Inc., slated for separate listing on the TSX Venture Exchange in 2024 – a strategic move aimed at enhancing shareholder value. For further details, contact Grid at 604- 428-5690.

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