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Sharyn Alexander Joins Rare Earth Ridge Corp.’s Board

Rare Earth Ridge Corp. (REAR) has announced the addition of Ms Sharyn Alexander to its board of directors.

Sharyn Alexander’s Mining Industry Impact

Sharyn Alexander, a mining industry veteran with two decades of experience, brings her expertise in mining and mineral exploration to Rare Earth Ridge Corp. Her roles include President of Sun Summit Minerals Corp. and Director at Crestfield Copper Inc., highlighting her technical knowledge and business insight. Alexander, a graduate of McMaster University and the University of Toronto, has also contributed to numerous committees and projects within the sector.

Rare Earth Ridge’s Strategic Advantage

Barry Miller, CEO, emphasized Alexander’s role in propelling Rare Earth Ridge forward, especially with the Mount Hart project. The Company, focusing on rare earth elements and metals like lithium and rubidium, stands to benefit significantly from her guidance.

Forward-looking information and predictions are essential, but the immediate focus is on leveraging Alexander’s experience for growth and investor engagement.

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