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Sassy Gold Corp. Expands Uranium Footprint with Acquisition of Properties in Utah and Colorado

Sassy Gold Corp. (CSE:SASY) (OTCQB:SSYRF) (FSE:4E7) has announced the acquisition of fifteen advanced uranium properties in Utah and Colorado, USA. Covering 8,200 acres in the Colorado Plateau, these strategic properties aim to leverage the current uranium cycle. With most hailing from historical production sites, Sassy anticipates enhancing its uranium presence, complemented by its stake in Saskatchewan’s Highrock Uranium Project.

Key Highlights of the Utah/Colorado Acquisition

Sassy ensures a bright future with properties known for sandstone-hosted, roll-front uranium deposits. The Independence Property, a past producer, stands out for its surface outcropping uranium mineralization and existing permits for small-scale operations. This acquisition not only promises low redevelopment costs due to existing infrastructure but also highlights significant exploration potential across the properties.

Advancing Uranium Mining in Utah and Colorado

The focus on Utah’s Lisbon Valley and the vicinity’s historic uranium production underline Sassy’s strategic path. With an eye on past data and the allure of high-grade mineralization, the company embarks on confirmatory drilling and data digitization to validate historical insights. In the spotlight: the near-term extraction opportunities at the Independence Property and broader geological reviews.

Strategic Moves Forward

Under the leadership of President and CEO Mark Scott, Sassy envisions a robust exploration and development trajectory. With plans to study extraction and mining methodologies, the team’s enthusiasm is palpable. Payments in cash and shares, alongside a laid-out timeline, detail the transaction’s structure, while a private placement offering aims to bolster the company’s financial footing.

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