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Sokoman Minerals Reports High-Grade Gold Finds in Moosehead Project, Newfoundland

Sokoman MineralsCorp. (TSXV:SIC)(OTCQB:SICNF) has announced impressive results from its winter drill program at the 552 Zone, part of the Moosehead Gold Project in Central Newfoundland. Two of the first three holes drilled exhibited quartz veins containing visible gold, marking significant progress.

Highlights from the Winter Drill Program

The drilling targeted the 552 Zone, with notable intersections revealing visible gold. The program aims to continue into the spring, weather permitting. The 552 Zone remains largely unexplored, offering potential for further discoveries.

Key Results and Future Prospects

Significant intersects were reported, including a section with up to 30 specks of fine visible gold. The area’s geological profile suggests continued exploration could yield further high-grade findings.

The company has also planned a drilling initiative to better understand the relationship between the 552 and 253 Zones, which could influence future exploration strategies.

This effort reflects Sokoman MineralsCorp.‘s commitment to advancing its exploration efforts and enhancing shareholder value through strategic project development.

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