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Lithium Chile Hits High-Grade Lithium at Arizaro Project, Advances Exploration

Lithium Chile Inc. (TSXV:LITH) (OTC:QB) has announced significant findings from its latest exploration hole, ARDHH-08, at the Salar de Arizaro Project in Argentina, showcasing the potential for substantial resource growth.

Exploration Highlights at Salar de Arizaro

The Arizaro Project reported impressive brine-rich formations with the completion of one diamond drill hole, uncovering high lithium grades in previously unexplored areas. Notably, 200-metres deep segments registered lithium grades up to 690mg/lLi. With these promising results, a new drill hole, ARDDH-9, is now in progress, aiming to further assess the site’s potential.

Operational Progress and Strategic Impact

With the discovery of significant lithium concentrations, the Arizaro Project, particularly the northeastern claims of the TOLAR 6 property, which previously held no resource estimates, now indicates a marked increase in the overall resource potential. This advance is a critical step in Lithium Chile’s strategy to become a leading lithium carbonate producer.

Team’s Expertise and Future Plans

The company’s South American President, José de Castro, highlighted the exceptional skills of the Argentine team, whose experience has been vital in progressing towards a revised resource report and feasibility study. These steps are integral to confirming the project’s production economics and realizing its full potential.

Company Overview

Lithium Chile boasts a significant exploration portfolio, encompassing over 140,000 hectares across Chile and Argentina, with properties also rich in gold, silver, and copper. This positions Lithium Chile as a formidable player in the lithium industry, with its stocks traded under the LITH and LTMCF symbols on the TSX-V and OTC-QB, respectively.

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