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Kenorland Minerals Unveils Gold Anomaly at South Uchi Project, Red Lake

Kenorland Minerals Ltd. (TSXV: KLD) (OTCQX: KLDCF) (FSE: 3WQ0) has announced significant findings from its 2023 geochemical and prospecting surveys at the South Uchi Project, revealing a widespread gold-in-till anomaly in the Red Lake District of Northwestern Ontario.

Significant Gold Discovery

The company’s survey identified a substantial gold-in-till anomaly at the Papaonga target, spanning approximately 40km2. This discovery, characterized by a strong multi-element signature, marks a promising site for orogenic gold systems due to its complex structural and geological setting.

Prospective Location and Historical Context

Located in the Confederation Assemblage volcanics, the Papaonga target is noted for its lack of historical drilling, offering a fresh exploration ground. Kenorland plans to return in 2024 for detailed exploration to pinpoint drill targets.

Zach Flood’s Insights

Zach Flood, President and CEO, shares the excitement over the Papaonga target, highlighting its potential as one of the most significant anomalies within Kenorland’s portfolio. Located in a region similar to the Great Bear Project, this discovery could indicate an undiscovered gold system.

2024 Exploration Goals

Kenorland aims to conduct a detailed mapping and prospecting campaign within the Papaonga target area during the 2024 summer field season. This effort includes collecting heavy mineral concentrate till samples and completing a high-resolution airborne magnetic survey.

About South Uchi Project

The South Uchi Project is noted for its geological placement, bridging the volcanic-dominated Uchi and sedimentary-dominated English River subprovinces. Its location, along with strategic east-west striking shear zones, enhances its prospectivity for significant gold mineralisation.

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