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Foremost Lithium Seeks $10 Million from Canada’s CMIF for Critical Mineral Development

Foremost Lithium Resource & Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ: FMST) (CSE: FAT) announced its $10 million proposal for the Critical Mineral Infrastructure Fund (CMIF). The proposal aims to enhance transportation routes in Manitoba’s Snow Lake region, vital for lithium, gold, nickel, and timber transport.

Key Details of the CMIF Proposal

Foremost Lithium intends to develop a 9.5KM road enhancing connectivity and infrastructure in the resource-rich area, boosting economic growth and job creation.

Community and Government Support

Jason Barnard, President and CEO, expressed gratitude for significant local and governmental support. Continuous industry and community partnership discussions aim to foster economic partnerships.

Prospects and Future Plans

With a focus on early revenue through Direct Ship Ore strategy and potential government funding, Foremost Lithium is poised to commence building necessary infrastructure. Recent government initiatives and global recognition highlight Canada’s leading role in the critical minerals sector.

About Foremost Lithium

Foremost Lithium is dedicated to powering the clean energy economy with its strategic lithium properties in North America, aiming to become a premier lithium feedstock supplier.

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