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Atlas Lithium Gears Up for Q4 2024 Lithium Production with DMS Plant Progress

Atlas Lithium Corporation (NASDAQ: ATLX) continues its rapid progress on the modular dense media separation (DMS) lithium processing plant, targeting Q4 2024 for initial lithium concentrate production. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, this marks a significant step towards meeting the increasing global demand for lithium.

Atlas Lithium’s Strategic Advancements

The construction and pre-assembly of the plant’s compact modules ensure a smaller environmental footprint while maintaining an expedited schedule for its deployment in Brazil. Furthermore, Atlas Lithium’s engineering teams are finalizing the design for the initial open pit mine and supporting infrastructure, paving the way for a swift project commencement.

Lithium Concentrate from Sustainable Processing

Metallurgical tests have validated the high-grade lithium concentrate, surpassing 6% Li2O, with a notable recovery rate and minimal impurities. These achievements underscore Atlas Lithium’s commitment to environmental responsibility and operational excellence.

Strategic Partnerships and Production Milestones

With $50 million in binding offtake agreements from industry leaders Chengxin and Yahua, Atlas Lithium is poised for a robust entry into the market. This strategic collaboration affirms the high quality and potential of Atlas Lithium’s lithium concentrate.

The company’s seasoned team, leveraging modular DMS technology, is set to revolutionize lithium processing in Brazil, highlighting a sustainable approach to lithium production. Atlas Lithium’s ambition to kickstart production by Q4 2024 aligns with its mission to provide high-quality, sustainable lithium concentrate to the global market.

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