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Renforth Resources Confirms Extensive Battery Metals Continuity Over 2.5km in Victoria Zone

Renforth Resources Inc. (CSE :RFR) (OTC:RFHRF) (FSE-9RR) has revealed significant findings in their latest exploration, confirming a 2.5km stretch of geologically continuous battery metals within the Victoria Multi Metals Zone. This breakthrough marks a monumental stride in understanding the zone’s mineralization pattern, laying the groundwork for advancing towards a resource statement.

Key Discoveries and Next Steps

Renforth’s intensive drilling program, consisting of 44 drillholes covering 10,316 meters, has unravelled the mineral’s continuity down to 225 meters, showcasing a polymetallic system rich in nickel, cobalt, iron, chrome, platinum, and palladium, among others. Nicole Brewster, President and CEO, emphasizes the project’s potential and future exploration plans to unlock the area’s value.

Understanding the VMMZ

Aline Leclerc, Renforth Director, unveils the VMMZ as a robust magnetic structure laced with EM anomalies, setting a promising ground for further exploration and potential resource definition.

Assay Highlights and Exploration Insights

The company presents the top findings from recent assays, underpinning the polymetallic nature of the Victoria Multi Metals Zone. The assay data is buttressed by both recent and historical exploration efforts, painting a promising picture for Renforth’s future endeavors in the domain.

Looking Forward

With an eye on expanding the known mineralization, Renforth plans to continue its exploration, relying on both petrographic studies and targeted drilling to further delineate the zone’s potential.

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