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FMS Lithium Increases Holdings in Pan American Energy to 21.6%

FMS Lithium Corporation (FMS) and Pan American Energy Corp. (PAN) have recently updated their ownership status. FMS announced its acquisition of an additional 9,064,498 common shares of PAN, raising its stake to 21.6%.

Update on FMS Lithium’s Stake in PAN

FMS made this strategic move through its subsidiary, Horizon Lithium LLC, acquiring the shares at a price of $0.5536 each. This transaction increases FMS’s control of PAN’s common shares from 15.1% to 21.6%.

Investment Strategy and Future Plans

FMS holds PAN securities for investment purposes. Depending on market conditions, FMS may further adjust its holdings in PAN.

For those requiring detailed information, the early warning report is available under PAN’s regulatory filings.

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