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Electra Receives $5 Million from Canadian Government to Advance North American EV Supply Chain

Electra Battery Materials Corporation (NASDAQ: ELBM; TSX-V: ELBM) proudly announces a $5 million grant from the Government of Canada for its cobalt sulfate refinery project in Temiskaming Shores, Ontario. This facility is set to produce about five percent of the global battery-grade cobalt supply, crucial for electric vehicles.

Government Support Boosts EV Supply Chain Development

Canada’s commitment, through this grant from the Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario (FedNor), reinforces its position as a leader in the global battery supply chain. Trent Mell, CEO of Electra, expresses gratitude for the government’s continued support, marking it as a significant validation of Electra’s progress towards a sustainable EV future in Canada.

Impact on Northern Ontario’s Economy and Job Market

The investment promises economic growth and job creation in Northern Ontario. Not only does this funding support Canada’s green economy transition, but it also ensures the region remains a key player in the EV supply chain, according to statements from various government officials.

Electra’s Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships

In addition to the refinery, Electra has been conducting plant-scale battery recycling trials, showing promising outputs for nickel, cobalt, and lithium products. With a far-reaching agreement with LG Energy Solution for cobalt sulfate supply, Electra is poised to meet a significant portion of North America’s EV battery material needs.

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