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Progressive Planet Accelerates CleanTech with $0.37M NGen Funding for PozGlass 100G Plant

Progressive Planet Solutions Inc. (TSXV: PLAN) (OTCQB: ASHXF) has secured up to $0.37 million in funding from Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen) to construct the pilot plant for PozGlass™ 100G, a project poised to revolutionize the cement industry by significantly lowering its carbon footprint.

PozGlass 100G Pilot Plant Funding

The funding, a collaborative effort supported by NGen and the Minister of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development, marks the first of its kind for the PozGlass pilot plant, currently advancing towards finalizing its design. This financial support is part of a broader $2.76 million commitment by NGen to foster innovative manufacturing solutions in Canada.

Collaborative Project Impact

The project brings together five companies, including Progressive Planet, to disrupt the construction industry with sustainable housing solutions. It focuses on energy efficiency, climate adaptability, and carbon capture, utilizing materials such as zeolite and recycled glass from Progressive Planet.

Partnerships and Contributions to Sustainable Construction

PozGlass, featuring 100% post-consumer glass, will also contribute to carbon sequestration efforts. Lafarge Canada Inc. has committed to purchasing PozGlass produced at the pilot plant, demonstrating a significant step towards sustainable construction practices. The initiative has gained support from Recycle BC for the supply of post-consumer glass.

Progressive Planet’s CEO, Steve Harpur, expresses enthusiasm for the partnership with NGen and the anticipated impact of the PozGlass pilot plant on sustainable housing and the environment.

Progressive Planet is committed to providing updates to investors through regular communications, underlining its dedication to transparency and stakeholder engagement.

About Progressive Planet:
Based in Kamloops, British Columbia, Progressive Planet is at the forefront of CleanTech and manufacturing, developing eco-friendly solutions that address climate change challenges. Their products, including those in the cement, agricultural, and animal-care sectors, are available across North America, underscoring the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

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