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Pan American Energy Initiates 2D Seismic Survey at Horizon Lithium Project

Pan American Energy Corp. (CSE: PNRG | OTCQB: PAANF | FRA: SS60) is advancing its Horizon Lithium Project in Nevada with a 2D seismic survey led by EarthEx Geophysical, aiming to refine lithium exploration strategies for its upcoming Phase 3 drill program.

2D Seismic Survey Launch at Horizon Lithium Project

Pan American Energy has commenced a 2D seismic survey by EarthEx Geophysical at the Horizon Lithium Project to outline major fault zones, enhancing lithium targeting for the Phase 3 drill plan. The survey will significantly contribute to understanding the project’s subsurface, benefitting the future exploration phases.

Exploring the Horizon Lithium Project

The Horizon Project, covering over 70 square km, has shown promise with an initial Mineral Resource Estimate highlighting the United States’ large lithium deposits. Only 31.5% of the land package has been explored, offering substantial growth potential. This seismic survey aims to support step-out drilling, extending the deposit in all directions.

Technology and Methodology Advancements

Utilizing EarthEx’s HVSR survey technology, the project targets a comprehensive mapping of overburden thickness and fault identification. Such precise mapping is pivotal for a targeted and efficient Phase 3 drilling program, positioning the company for successful resource expansion.

RESPEC Consulting Inc. will aid in the analysis, mapping, and planning for the next phase, ensuring a smooth process for high-priority drill targeting.

Commitment to Sustainable Exploration

Pan American Energy continues its dedicated exploration for battery metals in North America, leveraging partnerships and advanced technologies to minimize environmental footprints while maximally exploiting lithium resources.

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