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Stria Lithium Inc. Acquires 12 New Lithium Claims in Quebec’s Abitibi Region

Stria Lithium Inc. (TSXV:SRA) has announced the acquisition of 12 mineral claims in the lithium-rich Abitibi region, totaling 683 hectares. This move marks a significant step in the exploration of a newly discovered spodumene-bearing pegmatite on the property.

Project Jeremiah: A Strategic Acquisition

The property, named Project Jeremiah, is located at the edge of the La Motte Batholith, near St-Mathieu d’Harricana. Its strategic position near the North American Lithium Complex Mine and the Authier project puts it at the forefront of lithium exploration efforts in Quebec.

Lithium Market Opportunities and Strategic Plans

Dean Hanisch, CEO of Stria Lithium, expressed optimism about the acquisition, citing the favorable market conditions and the strategic significance of the location. The company plans to commence excavation and sampling in March to evaluate the property’s potential further.

Investment and Future Prospects

Funded by Stria’s cash reserves, this acquisition represents a confident investment in the lithium sector. The company aims to leverage the current market conditions to maximize value from their holdings at a time when the demand for local lithium sources is intensifying.

About Stria Lithium

Stria Lithium is dedicated to developing lithium resources in Canada. Its properties, including the central Pontax Lithium Project and the newly acquired Project Jeremiah, represent significant steps toward securing local lithium supplies for the burgeoning electric vehicle market.

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