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Newpath Resources Reveals Promising Geochemical Results for 2024 LCT Pegmatite Exploration

Newpath Resources Inc. (CSE: PATH) (FSE:0MZ) (OTC PINK: RDYFF) has announced exciting preliminary findings from the 2023 prospecting program at their Alpha/Bravo Project, highlighting the potential for lithium-cesium-tantalum (LCT) pegmatite deposits.

2023 Exploration Highlights

Key findings from the Alpha/Bravo Project include trace element signatures and rare earth element ratios indicating the presence of fertile granites and pegmatites. The program identified four target areas for further exploration in 2024.

Sampling and Analytical Methods

The team conducted rigorous sampling and analysis, employing both traditional geochemical techniques and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) to assess the composition of key minerals. This comprehensive approach aims to refine target areas for detailed exploration next year.

Commitment to Indigenous Partnerships

Newpath Resources acknowledges the importance of respectful collaborations with Indigenous communities, ensuring their projects advance with consideration for cultural, environmental, and economic wellbeing.

About Newpath Resources Inc.

A leader in critical metal exploration, Newpath holds a significant claim footprint in Northern Ontario. The company focuses on uncovering high-value mineral deposits, including their flagship Alpha Bravo Project.

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