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Zinc8 Energy Solutions Rebrands to ABOUND, Signaling Growth

Zinc8 Energy Solutions Inc. has announced a strategic rebranding to ABOUND Energy Inc., marking a new direction for the company and its future growth. ABOUND’s name change will take effect at the opening of trading on January 31, 2024, with trading under the new symbol “ABND” on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

Strategic Rebranding Marks Corporate Shift

The rename to ABOUND encapsulates a strategic shift with the introduction of a forward-looking plan for diversification and market expansion, maximizing stakeholder value.

Management Revitalization and New Leadership

A dynamic leadership team is now steering ABOUND toward driving the company’s mission, emphasizing the importance of nurturing top-tier talent within the organization.

Emphasis on Core Competence and Innovation

ABOUND is dedicated to excellence, focusing on strategic initiatives to employ and develop industry-leading expertise, crucial to the advancement of Zaeras™ LDES technology.

Growth Through Testing and Development Services

By expanding into Testing and Development services, ABOUND aims to integrate knowledge, leverage its unique infrastructure, and set new industry standards for the renewable energy sector.
ABOUND invites its stakeholders to participate in its journey towards innovation and energy sustainability, where the future is filled with opportunities.

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