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Nord Precious Metals Advances Castle East Project Permitting for High-Grade Silver Mining

Castle East Project Moves Ahead with Permitting Process

Nord Precious Metals Mining Inc. (TSXV:NTH), a significant player in the mining industry, has announced the continuation of its permitting process for the high-grade silver Castle East Project, located in the renowned Cobalt Mining Camp.

Strategic Steps Toward Bulk Sample Processing

The company is not only progressing with the permit approvals but is also preparing to take a significant bulk sample as a key step toward potential future mining operation opportunities.

Exceptional Drilling Results Show Promise

With over 60,000 metres of diamond drilling completed, Nord Precious Metals unveiled several veins with remarkable silver grades, including a record high of 89,853 g/t silver over 0.3 metres.

Commitment to Environmentally Friendly Practices

The aim to utilize environmentally friendly methods for tailings management aligns with Nord’s dedication to responsible mining practices. This includes a collaboration with partner companies to bolster sustainable and efficient mining operations.

Innovative Economic Contributions of Castle East

The President of Nord Precious Metals, Matt Halliday, highlights the untapped opportunities within the Miller Lake basin, acknowledging its history but emphasizing future exploration’s potential, including contributions to the Electric Vehicle (EV) market.

Preparing for Future Collaboration and Sustainable Mining

Enthusiastically anticipating the final recovery permit in Ontario, Nord is paving the way for strategic collaborations under the updated Mining Act, aligning their goals with sustainable growth in the mining sector.

About Nord Precious Metals Mining Inc.

Emerging as a Canadian leader in the silver and cobalt industry, Nord Precious Metals is strategically expanding its mining operations. With numerous successful drilling programs, they look forward to continued advancements in the Castle projects and strengthening their influence in the Cobalt Mining Camp.

Contact Information

For inquiries, please reach out to Frank J. Basa, Chief Executive Officer (416-625-2342) or Wayne Cheveldayoff, Corporate Communications (416-710-2410).

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