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Grid Battery Metals Announces NI 43-101 Report on Nevada Lithium Project

Grid Battery Metals Inc. (TSXV: CELL) has filed a technical report on the Texas Spring Lithium Project in Nevada, according to a recent announcement. The NI 43-101 report, prepared by Mr. Seth Cude of Rangefront Geological, is now available to the public.
The Company has successfully completed Phase 1 exploration, uncovering average lithium grades of 2010 ppm using a 1,000 ppm cut-off, with peaks reaching 5,610 ppm. This exciting discovery falls in line with results from adjacent properties owned by Surge Battery Metals Inc.
Mr. Tim Fernback, CEO of Grid Battery Metals Inc., has expressed the Company’s readiness to embark on a multi-phase drilling program, backed by solid financial resources.
Additionally, Nevada has maintained its top ranking by the Fraser Institute as the preferred mining jurisdiction, underscoring the strategic location of the Texas Spring Lithium Project.

NI 43-101 Technical Report Filed

Grid Battery Metals has now completed the essential regulatory step by filing the report with SEDAR+. This move is a significant milestone for the Company’s near-term exploration plans.

Phase 1 Exploration Success

The Phase 1 exploration results have not only affirmed the property’s potential but also established a promising basis for the recommended drilling program slated for 2024.

About Grid Battery Metals Inc.

With a strategic focus on battery metals for the evolving EV market, Grid Battery Metals is advancing exploration on several North American projects.

About Texas Springs Property

The Texas Spring Property is primed for lithium exploration. Holding a 100% interest, the Company continues to build on its findings and expand its potential for high-grade lithium resources.

About Rangefront Geological

Partnering with Grid Battery Metals, Rangefront Geological brings its mineral exploration expertise to the forefront, utilizing advanced technology and methods to explore the Texas Spring Lithium Project.

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