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Comstock Inc. (NYSE: LODE) to Present at 2024 Virtual Investor Conference on Battery & Precious Metals

Comstock Inc. (NYSE: LODE) will present live at the upcoming Battery and Precious Metals Virtual Investor Conference, which is an interactive platform for investors held online. This significant event takes place on January 30, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. ET, with a live presentation from Corrado De Gasperis, Executive Chairman and CEO. Investors have the opportunity to engage with the company in real-time, asking questions during the live session. If unable to attend, the webcast will be available afterward in an archived format. Instead of waiting, pre-registration is recommended for quicker access and updates.

Highlights of Comstock Inc. at the Investor Conference

Comstock Inc., at the forefront of decarbonization and energy transition through the conversion of natural resources into renewable energy products, will offer deep insights into their latest technologies and ventures. The subsidiary, Comstock Metals, promotes zero-landfill waste with its thermal solar solutions.

Benefits of the Virtual Investor Conference

The VIC series stands out by enabling direct communication between publicly traded companies and investors, offering real-time engagement solutions. Enhanced with dynamic video content, it provides a venue for personalized investor-company interactions.

Contact Information for Further Inquiries

Investor relations inquiries can be directed to RB Milestone Group, reachable at (203) 487-2759 or via email at For media-related questions, contact Zach Spencer at Comstock Inc. at (775) 847-7532 or at

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