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Zinc8 Evolves To Abound Energy With Strategic Growth Focus

Strategic Rebranding

Zinc8 Energy Solutions Inc. (CSE:ZAIR) marks a significant milestone as it rebrands to Abound Energy Inc., effective January 31, 2024. The renaming underpins a strategic shift in management and ushers in a new business growth strategy with an emphasis on partnership-led development and innovative energy solutions.

Forward-Looking Business Plan

ABOUND, once known as Zinc8, is charting a new course that includes joint ventures in the energy sector, applying its innovative Zaeras™ Technology for peak usage power sales, and reversing revenue splits post ROI to incentivize partnerships. Additionally, the expansion into Testing and Development Services leverages ABOUND’s multi-faceted expertise in the renewable energy field to advance cleaner energy solutions.

Dedication to Excellence

ABOUND’s transformed leadership aspires to set new industry benchmarks for technological excellence. With the incorporation of top-tier talent, ABOUND aims to drive innovation in providing long-duration energy storage, representing a dedicated push towards global energy sustainability.

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